Bootcamp - Day 1

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Monday, 24 October 2016 -- The first bootcamp of the Humanitarian Education Accelerator kicked off today. There will be three bootcamps over the course of the programme, which aim at building organizational capacity and enabling peer-support. The three organizations selected for the first HEA cohort—WUSC/Windle (Kenya), Kepler (Rwanda), and War Child Holland (MENA) are attending, along with representatives from country, regional, and global offices of UNHCR and UNICEF. Members of the American Institutes of Research, the external evaluators who will be working with the teams to help them build evaluation capacity, are also at the bootcamp, along with external guests. All have been engaging in meaningful conversations about their programmes and experiences.

Teams shared common challenges, exchanged advice, and collaboratively explored key concepts shaping the HEA: scale, evaluation, sustainability, and innovation.

Tomorrow the group will explore in more detail how they can tackle those challenges and the “growing pains” using evidence in a systematic way.

Overall impressions of Day 1