Bootcamp - Day 4

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The American Institute of Research (AIR) started off the fourth day of bootcamp with a presentation. They explained the advantages of process evaluation research in the field. It gives projects the opportunity to quickly find out what factors enable or hinder implementation, even while a program is active and in the process of scaling. With this knowledge, programs can quickly - within weeks - adapt processes and strategies where necessary.

After that, WUSC/Windle (Kenya), Kepler (Rwanda), and War Child Holland (MENA) had intense meetings with representatives of AIR, UNICEF and UNHCR, to refine their research questions and methods.

The day also gave participants the opportunity to dig deeper into budgets, costs and timelines. So, every organization was able to start making clear choices before the bootcamp ended.

Samuel from FilmAid Kenya presented in the afternoon. He gave the teams excellent coaching and feedback on filming and editing with smartphones, and on photography.

The day ended with an informal group dinner, a quiz on innovation, plus prizes for a photo competition held during the bootcamp.