Can’t Wait to Learn - an Introduction

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Can’t Wait to Learn gives children affected by conflict access to quality education. No matter where they are.

No Lost Generation: children in conflict can’t wait to learn
Currently, in some countries a whole generation of children eager to learn is missing out. Traditional education is under pressure or not available for every child. However, meaningful and impactful education cannot wait. This is where Can’t Wait to Learn steps in.

Because children affected by conflict urgently need and deserve access to quality education. Education transforms lives. It is a key to providing children and families with hope and stability. With tools and skills for a better future. And helps to prevent conflict in the future.

Custom-made quality education
Can't Wait to Learn found a way to support and supplement traditional education in conflict-affected areas in the short term, without displacing it in the long term.

Children learn by playing custom-made educational games on tablets, within their communities, or in formal or non-formal learning environments. The games itself include instruction, practice, and a learning management system.

This means that Can’t Wait to Learn can provide quality education to all children, no matter where they are. Even in places where there are no (or not enough) classrooms or teachers. Our programme will also be delivered to refugee and host community children in formal Ministry of Education schools and in catch-up learning programmes within community centres.

A research-informed method
Can’t Wait to Learn is a research-informed method, and attractive to both boys and girls. Even children who have never learned to read or write can learn with these games. The programme was successfully piloted and has proven to be empowering, flexible and cost-effective.
Rigorous research is a crucial element of Can’t Wait to Learn. The programme’s progress is analysed in each phase of development and implementation, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Click here for more information our our research, results and peer-reviewed articles.

About the games – child-friendly and curriculum-based
Can’t Wait to Learn offers easy and understandable educative games, with child-centred design.
During playful exercises, children learn what they would learn in a traditional school. Games are custom-built for each country and co-created together with local children, designers and Ministries of Education. The interactive learning materials are all based on official national curricula.

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All designs and graphics are custom-made. Children’s life stories, their feedback and drawings from local designers are used to co-create the design of the learning environments. ​The educational games are introduced to children in a manner fitting their lifestyle and circumstances.

How we started – and where we are going
Can’t Wait to Learn started in 2012 as e-Learning Sudan. The full story of the development of our programme until now, including challenges and recommendations, is carefully documented in the Journeys to Scale Report, published in 2016. A great read.
Can’t Wait to Learn started with one subject, mathematics presented in Arabic. In the next years, our innovative learning programme will be adapted, expanded and scaled up in a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East, in multiple languages.
To ensure continuation of quality and commitment to evidence, scaling will be done in phases. We are currently incorporating literacy education in our programme. In upcoming programme phases, we will also integrate psychosocial support and life skills interventions.

Who we are – and why we do this
Many different partners are working together to develop this fun and effective learning tool: local Ministries of Education, international and national NGOs and research institutes, along with technical experts in gaming, software design, education and psychosocial well-being.  
Can't Wait to Learn is a collaboration between War Child, TNO, Butterfly Works, Ministries of Education in Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon and UNICEF. The programme is financed by the Dream Fund of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, IKEA Foundation,, the Humanitarian Education Accelerator and the Vitol Foundation. TNO and Flavour develop the computer games, with support from creative and educational partners in Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon.
All sponsors and partners working within Can’t Wait to Learn share one vision: to work together to develop a model that offers children, affected with conflict, access to quality education. Each partner contributes its unique knowledge, expertise and strength.

Watch the video
We are proud that Can’t Wait to Learn is one of the first three projects worldwide chosen to join the Humanitarian Education Accelerator programme, led by UNHCR, UNICEF and DFID. In the next years, we will keep you updated about our work in progress with blogs on these webpages. Or visit our site for more information.

Are you curious to see what our programme looks like in the field? Then watch this video about Can’t Wait to Learn. Made in 2016, with images from UNICEF International (all Sudan footage) and War Child Holland (other footage). Editor: Wildeman Media.



Dear Kate

Thank you so much for the blog, you guys are doing an amazing job! I have listened to this in the various boot camps we have been together.
Co-creation of the content is an interesting approach!
However, i would like to know more about your process of implementing the project and your experience of  implemented in different context. How much does the content change from one country to another considering the different curricular etc. What are some of the gains made (statistically) on learning generally as a result of the games?

Thanks and all the best!