I found my profession!

Beatrice Rutishauser Ramm, the Essence of Learning Consultant of Caritas Switzerland, was visiting our partner in Bangladesh in September. Please read her portrait of Rubina, a young mother:

Rubina is smiling when I meet her in the day care center in an urban slum area of Chittagong in Bangladesh.  She is using her body language to support the very young children sitting in a circle and eating. All the children were eating alone and had the chance to be self-active even though they are small. Rubina knew this is important for them.  She observes how the children walk with their empty plate to the prepared plastic bowl and how they carefully put the plate into the bowl. Afterwards they go to the next bowl and wash their hands. She is ready when a child needs her help. 
“I was searching for work that I really like for a long time,” she says. “The work in the different factories was a struggle, long hours, and I never knew what is coming next. I dreamed to be a professional and not just being a factory worker. But I realize now, that I learned many things in the factory I can use now in the day care center.” She smiles, her eyes are moving to the children who are playing with the different puppets and cars. I realized immediately that Rubina handicrafted some of them.
In the Momota project of Caritas Luxembourg the early childhood program is working with the tool “Essence of learning” created by Caritas Switzerland. The practical trainings in early childhood education are designed for women who did not receive a big backpack of school education. Soon Rubina will additionally work as a mentor for women starting as day care mothers after their first practical training.