Refugees seldom have access to quality education and scholarship opportunities. If they have access to available information on time, some of them can prepare in advance and be accompanied to have the best chance to win very good scholarships and attend good institutions. A platform- in cooperation with Books Without Borders?- with refugees camps that offers classes, and identify the refugees with a promising potential, to prepare them to become succesful leaders could be implemented .

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How does your innovation work?

Thanks to a platform with available internet connection in refugee camps, the HCR staff, the Refugees Educators and Students themselves are aware of the scholarship opportunities, and they start beeing coached online through skype  on how to prepare their applications, eventually with the assistance of succesful former applicants whom will guide them through the process and teachers whom succesfully recommended their students to the program. When ever possible, we should go on site to the refugee camps, meet the students and help them implement leadership activities with a great Humanitarian component.

Do you have current users or testers?

Yes  more then 50 students as part of the Malala Youssafzai Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program

What is your innovation's value proposition?

The value of our proposition is that it makes scholarship and various educationnal opportunities available to refugees.We want to make them aware of opportunities like Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS), Yale Young Africa Scholars Program( YYAS), African Leadership Academy Program and African Leadership University and all the Universities partnering in the Mastercard Foundation Program available to refugees.Through a platform that would be developped with refugees camps,eventually in collaboration with the ideas Box of Books without Borders,  and eventually companies to make internet available.The best and brightest of them should have the same opportunities as other people this to make this SDG " quality education "available to all.

Target results and impact

We hope that at least one or two refugees would be selected for the YYGS program, the YYAS or be accepted to Mastercard partnering Universities, like Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan State University, Cape Town University.
We would like also to develop a specific scholarship program with institutions like Ashesi University,AfRican Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, The Catholic University of Central Africa.In all we hope that those refugees will turn out to be role models for their peers and prove that there's still hope although being a refugee.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

I have had students selected for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program, the Yale YOung Africa Scholars Program and other excellent opportunities 

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

We are a group of five and eventually six students from the Catholic University of Central Africa or ADEV members , studying for a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian action.We have decided to launch this project as part of our real world practice experience and problem solving skills.As the leader and based on my experience in handling educational projects with successful results like the Yale Young Global Scholars Program were I sent three Cameroonians with full scholarships, and handling the Malala Youssfazai Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program, we agreed to made available such  opportunities and many others to refugees, through a platform and mentoring/coaching.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

For the pilot phase which we would like to launch by  early december we would like to visit the Minawao camp in the far north region of Cameroon and the Gado Badzere Camp in the Easter Region of Cameroon.This to detect and select those candidates whom would be deemed apt to apply to the YYGS program by 31st of January and evaluate their access to internet and have hands on knowlege of what is to be done to develop our platform on mentoring them from distance as needed.If we succed, we may extend it to other refugee camps in Cameroon and eventually adopt the same approach with neighbouring countries like Nigeria and even Democratic Republic of Congo further.

Next Steps

- Gettting fund for evaluation and assesment in refugees camps by December, 
- Getting in touch and exposing our idea to the targeted Universities
-Selecting refugees with the highest potential and helping them to apply to the YYGS program and the YYAS
-Getting in touch with companies upon the evaluation of the internet needs.
- Partnering eventually with Libraries Without Borders through their Idea Box

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