Available on RapidPro, mTrac is a tool that collects real-time information and give decision makers a new way to respond to challenges in delivering essential services. This tool allows health workers to send and receive vital information instantly, saving time and money compared to paper-based approaches.

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Real-time monitoring of vaccine supplies enabled stock-outs to be addressed and led to an increase in immunization coverage of DPT1 from 52% to 98% within one year. The initiative also integrates governance and accountability through citizen feedback, an anonymous hotline and public dialogue sessions, which has allowed District Health Management Teams to address issues raised by community members, such as those related to quality of care and health worker absenteeism. During an Ebola outbreak in 2012, mTrac was also used in Uganda through a series of SMS messages alerting health workers to the outbreak, the case definition (symptoms), isolation procedures, the location of the nearest isolation facilities and the hotline to the national response team for reporting suspected cases.

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Available on RapidPro, mTrac is an innovation using mobile phones and SMS to digitize the transfer of Health Management Information System (HMIS). Launched by the Ministry of Health, Uganda, the initial focus of mTrac was to speed up the transfer of HMIS weekly reports, which cover disease outbreaks and medicines, provide a mechanism for community members to report on service delivery challenges, and to empower district Health Teams by providing timely information for action. The aim is to avoid unnecessary stock-outs and to ensure transparency and accountability.

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Uganda Ministry of Health
Uganda District Health Management Teams