Kepler is a nonprofit university program based in Africa and designed for the developing world. Our students get the best of online learning paired with in-person instruction — all while students work toward a U.S.-accredited degree and a great job after graduation.
Kepler offers an elite credential to its graduates through a close partnership with Southern New Hampshire University’s innovative College for America (CfA) program. Using the online CfA degree platform, students earn an Associate’s Degree in two years, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Management, or Healthcare Management. The rate of degree acquisition has been extremely high at Kepler, with 98% of Kepler students on track to earn their BA degrees within 4 years. The BA degree earned through College for America is the exact same that a student in the U.S. would receive on graduation.
Kepler offers a unique model for higher education, which combines an online degree with in-person instruction and required work experience for all graduates. Kepler is pioneering a new way to lower the cost of university while maintaining quality: pair digital content with a team of expert local teachers. Without the need to hire expensive faculty, Kepler is priced for students from all backgrounds. Kepler’s curriculum is built to help students learn the skills they need to secure a great job after graduating. In addition, internships are required of all students, and we work with local employers to ensure that Kepler’s curriculum is always job relevant. This model has been so successful that 81% of third year Kepler students are offered a full-time job by the time of graduation.
In recent years, Kepler began to consider how it could extend its services to one of the world’s most under-served populations for higher education: refugee students. In 2015 we began piloting a blended learning university at Kiziba Refugee Camp in western Rwanda. We want to expand upon Kepler’s inspiring work in Kigali and Kiziba by bringing the same dedication, resources, and opportunities to refugee populations across Rwanda.

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