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My Voice Unheard

My Voice Unheard is a humanistic project that aims at bringing a counter-narrative to the uni-dimensional and clichéd image of Pakistan through self-expression.


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Organization Mission

My Voice Unheard, appreciates and encourages the efforts of great men, women, young individuals by acknowledging their work and life. We believe that everybody has a story to tell which can change negative perceptions and break stereotypes.

The project primarily focuses on collecting, archiving and highlighting biographies, stories and life experiences of people who have dedicated their lives to change and social responsibility. My Voice Unheard writes history of individuals in its present form and aims to conserve and share it on an international forum in order to re-image Pakistan.  It is an initiative for the people, by the people of Pakistan. With a positive bias, we are working on compiling and publishing a coffee table book on short biographies and memoirs of Pakistani men and women specifically for the international audience for awareness about the paramount of work, knowledge and wisdom that these nationals have.

Area of Focus

Since this project is about the life and stories of the people of Pakistan, we use an all-inclusive approach to collecting data and archiving it.

Currently we have four distinct series through which we target different audiences, giving them the opportunity to express their personality and work in, relation to the clichéd image of Pakistan.

The Unheard (#My Voice heard)

A collection of original biographies of visionaries who have struggled through their initiatives and start-ups to build a progressive Pakistan.

These are our stories of success and vision to make this society a better place. This series highlights the work of committed, responsible citizens of Pakistan who are serving the nation through means of different ventures. Be it the Arty Entrepreneur, a young Activist, a physically impaired Photographer, a Social Entrepreneur, or a Scientific Musician; these inspiring individuals who are not extremists are the untainted voices that need to be heard.

Simply Pakistan (#Wisdom paramount)

A collection of original memoirs of a simple Pakistani who has rendered hardships and struggles to live a life of value and virtue.

Simply Pakistan is a collection of original memoirs of a simple Pakistani, who has rendered hardships and struggles to live a life of value and virtue. It is about a humble cooli, a modest security guard or an honest book-seller, who at heart are the simplest people, yet the strongest in will. This series captures the voice which is pain-stricken, yet elated and holds a paramount of wisdom which is unnoticed.

White for the Green (#Surprisingly minute, #astonishingly powerful, #guardians of the green)

An exclusive series of the profiles of Ethnic and Religious minorities who have greatly served the Country.

White for the Green is an exclusive series of the profiles of people from Ethnic and Religious minorities in Pakistan. It aims at highlighting their efforts and struggles that they have rendered while contributing towards a better society. The series is dedicated to devout like Maxwell Shanti, Mervyn Leslie Middlecoat, Eric Gordon and Cecil Chaudhry who have committed themselves and sacrificed their lives for the Green in our flag. The series acknowledges the surprisingly minute, astonishingly powerful stories of the guardians of the Green.

Reclaiming Pakistan (# Reclaiming Pakistan, #Tell the world-)

A collection of original and researched biographies and factual information on individuals who have spent their lives for a cause, Geography, Culture, History, Art and Language.

Reclaiming Pakistan is a collection of original and researched biographies and factual information that the world needs to hear about Pakistan. The idea is to reclaim our unique image as individuals who have inherited a rich Geography, Culture, History, Art and Language. This series highlights individuals who have worked for a progressive Pakistan in the past and/or present, the Geographical facts that make this Country beautiful and the abundant Culture, Tradition and language which needs to be preserved. Be it Artists, Leaders, Politicians, Scientists, Actors, Activists, Educationists or Businessmen, this series celebrates individuals who have given an identity to this piece of Land. It is for people like Sophee Southall to explore Pakistan with its strength and beauty which has been suppressed in the name of terrorism and extremism.

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