William Davidson Institute

William Davidson Institute

The William Davidson Institute (WDI) is an independent, non-profit research and educational organization focused on providing private-sector solutions in emerging markets. Through a unique structure that integrates research, field-based collaborations, education/training, publishing, and University of Michigan student opportunities, WDI creates long-term value for academic institutions, partner organizations, and donor agencies active in emerging markets. WDI also provides a forum for academics, policymakers, business leaders, and development experts to enhance their understanding of these economies. We are not theory-based. Our mission is to create true, sustainable solutions. Our work spans understanding, testing, and implementing actionable, private-sector business models which address the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets.

At a Glance

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Organization Type

  • University/Academia
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)


The William Davidson Institute
at the University of Michigan
Suite B – 3000
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-0372

T : 1-734-763-5020
E : wdi@umich.edu

Organization Mission

WDI’s mission is to develop knowledge and capability that helps improve the effectiveness of firms and social welfare in emerging economies. Partnerships are formed with companies, institutions, and individuals around the world who collectively share their knowledge and resources to promote successful economic transition.

Area of Focus

Education, Financial Sector Development, Healthcare, Performance Measurement, Scaling Impact