UNICEF Data for Children Strategic Framework

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Friday, June 30, 2017

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UNICEF work on data for children is based on a simple premise: We believe that smart demand, supply and use of data drives better results for children. When the right data are in the right hands at the right time, decisions can be better informed, more equitable, and more likely to protect children’s rights. Disaggregated data – which can reveal the children who are thriving and those being left behind – are an indispensable tool for realizing the rights of every child.

Both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNICEF’s Strategic Plan explicitly recognize the key role of data in achieving results. The ultimate success of each plan will rely on data that are fit-forpurpose and put to use for children. UNICEF has a wide range of data assets in which it has already invested. These assets – including pioneering work on household surveys, global data advocacy, and country-led data innovation – are wellrespected in the larger data landscape.

Decades of partnerships, capacity building and technical work have put UNICEF in a global leadership position on data for children. In the coming years, UNICEF has an opportunity to build on those assets as we adapt our work to a shifting data environment.